Size: 60/80cm

Materials: acrylic on canvas, collage, gold leaf.

Year: 2020



The primary base colors are green and blue. Blue, indigo is the color of trust, harmony, spiritual peace and universal wisdom. This is exactly what each person needs to cultivate within himself in order to successfully overcome the difficulties of modernity.

Green is the color of security, prosperity and life.

Blue and green are associated with femininity. A circle is inherent in blue, soft rounded shapes, such is the female body. Green is the color of safety and life. In the East, the color of the moon was considered green.  The female image is always perceived as an integral part of the image of kindness, understanding, security, spirituality and mercy.

Gold is always visualized as a color symbolic of well-being and the sun. For several decades people have appreciated gold, framed icons with gold and have considered gold to be endowed with divine power.

In addition, the inclusion of feminine and natural images in the picture helps to completely reveal the concepts of kindness, care and truth.. Therefore, my work will portray more female images. The female gender is the closest being for most people, it is from her that a person learns kindness, care and love. Therefore, the female image is always seen as an integral part of the picture of kindness and mercy. It is the beautiful female body that both sexes can admire, she is as a symbol of mutual help, wisdom and spirituality.