Winter effect

Size: 60/80cm

Materials: acrylic on canvas, collage, gold leaf.

Year: 2021


Intuitive abstraction has a tremendous connection with our unconscious mind. When a person does not see the object itself, but only hears about it, it gives rise to an abstract idea that develops in the person’s head, a dematerialized object, which immediately causes a vibration in the heart. 

The artist uses this concept of intuitive abstraction and follows it until a clear direction reveals itself.   Emotions, do not have a clear form, they are difficult to describe in words.  Natalia strives to express the inexpressible through this piece.  

This simple visual identification of forms and basic coloured masses presented on canvas is only the first impression of the inner reality of the picture whose assessment requires a deeper individual observation for the viewer – the forms and colours almost seem to be participating in a conversation. They discuss their passions, their worries, their similarities and differences.

Price: $2000