Methodology of yourself

Size: 92/92cm

Materials: acrylic on canvas, collage, gold leaf, 24k gold.

Year: 2021



Colours can strongly influence a person’s thoughts, feelings and mental state. The use of different intensities and various combinations of colours allow the viewer to plunge into Natalia’s consciousness and her perception of the world through colour. She speaks to the viewer through her colour choice: to Natalia’s eye, colour is the key to the kingdom of the spirit; the purpose of her work is precisely the transference of this spiritual mood. Blue classically signifies calm and spirituality; in this piece, blue creates an element of peace, and makes impossible dreams become possible. Pink arouses nuturing, tranquillity and serenity. 

In Methodology of Yourself, the artist uses collage techniques, which add a deeper dimension to the artwork. The usage of different acrylic techniques brings the viewer into a space of calm, meditative beauty.

24-karat gold makes another appearance in this piece, showing Natalia’s creative symbolism of knowledge and a captured moment in time. In explanation of this piece, Natalia quotes Even Yves Klein: “In every person, there is a philosophical stone, which gives its owner an extraordinary ability to turn into gold whatever he touches. But it is very difficult for us to discover this gift in ourselves.”


Price: $7000