Lyrical landscape 

Size: 152/101cm

Materials: acrylic on canvas, collage, gold foil.

Year: 2021



Colour, abstract lyrical imagery, and following intuition are the tools that the artist used to create this piece. Lyrical Landscape Effect is built around the artist’s innermost thoughts and conveys her emotional state without the distraction of tangible forms. There is an emphasis on light and bright colours; blue is one of the primary colours of security, calmness, and trust, and this painting captures these emotions entirely.

This symbolic blue colour corresponds to calm water, and a phlegmatic temperament. The overall impression is one of tenderness and caring. Swiss expressionist and colour theorist Johannes Itten wrote that blue is associated with the shape of a circle and roundness. Lyrical Landscape Effect exemplifies this perfectly.

Natalia used collage techniques to achieve texture in some areas, which allows the viewer to experience new sensations upon closer examination. The usage of acrylic watercolour techniques in Natalia’s work softly immerses the viewer in more positive, healing, and spiritually revitalizing feelings. When the soul is connected with the body, it can perceive vibrations only through the medium of the senses, which is the bridge from the immaterial to the material.

Once again, there is a use of gold foil, which acts as a symbol of radiant happiness and is meant to evoke admiration and desire.


Price: $7000