Life effect

Size: 92/120cm

Materials: acrylic on canvas, collage, gold leaf, 24k gold.

Year: 2021


This artwork is a story about the inner world of the artist and the role she plays in the world around her. For this piece, Natalia again paints intuitively; she frees herself from consciousness, from analysis and logic. Too often analysis and logic interfere with the true expression of the artist. The life of a modern person has a rational framework with restrictions both internal and external. In this intuitive work, she breaks free from these bindings and brings the viewer with her. 

In this painting, blue represents the colour of a person's inner spiritual life. Ingeborg Luscher’s explanation of the colour blue fits this painting well: "The symbolic blue colour corresponds to calm water, phlegmatic temperament, feminine principle, left side, horizontal direction, smooth handwriting.”

A common trope of Natalia’s work includes the usage of 24-karat gold leaf to represent wisdom and respect for the unknown.  In this piece, her application of gold leaf is a bit more subtle but nonetheless a head nod to her symbolism.  

This work has a deep symbolic message that everyone can understand in his or her own way. Using colour to exemplify her thoughts, and abstract form as emotion, Natalia created Life Effect, a positively uplifting piece.

Price: $6000