Happy you

Size: 92/92cm

Materials: acrylic on canvas, collage, gold leaf, 24k gold.

Year: 2021



The colour blue is often associated with serenity and calm. From the colour of the sky to the ocean to newborn babies’ eyes, different shades of blue are all around us, bringing us varying degrees of peace and quiet. 

The artist uses collage techniques to achieve texture in some areas, which allows the viewer to experience new sensations upon closer examination. The usage of different acrylic techniques in Natalia’s work gives the viewer a more optimistic, therapeutic, and spiritually uplifting frame of mind.

Paintings such as Happy You create a sense of childlike wonder in the viewer while simultaneously providing a healing of the mind and spirit. The conglomeration of acrylic, collage, and gold leaf creates an intriguing and calming piece that draws in the viewer.



Price: $4000