ExhibitionDifferent you

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, moral and spiritual support plays a vital role in our community. In collaboration with the Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore, Different You, a Charity Art Exhibition by Natalia Denisko hosted at Eatcetera, aims to offer positive energy amidst a strange time. Natalia uses her artwork as a medium for catharsis through use of a euphoric palette and abstract expressionism.  Press to see artworks


It is easy to get drowned by the bleakness of today’s stress and anxious realities. We as a society need a communal space of healing, support, and kinship especially with the advent of the pandemic, protests, political and economic crises around the globe.


Our brush with such deep-rooted existential encounters alongside the gamut of negative emotions such as despair, fear, anger, grief are inevitable as we readjust to the new normal. The recovery of loss of lives, jobs, spirituality will be a challenge to many and impact our humanity at great length. 


Emotions, whether negative or positive, are integral parts of our human experience. Our interior feelings are closely connected with our thoughts and subconsciousness and are conversely, influenced by external factors. For example, pictorial images greatly impact both, the psyche and subconsciousness of a person.


 Looking at the impact of negativity in the environment around, Natalia set a goal to bring people's consciousness to another level, to help them to switch their negative thoughts and emotions with positive and blissful ones; using my work. She believes that abstract and intuitive images from her subconscious will help to convey them.  


Using color as thought, abstract form as emotion, and her intuition as guidance she believes she will help to convey positive emotions and feelings without being tied to the plot or the title of the picture. Art is not only a reflection of modernity but also a way to heal; both the author and the viewer. This is goal for Natalia Denisko works.