Effect of green

Size: 61/121cm

Materials: acrylic on canvas, collage, 24K gold.

Year: 2021

The colour choices, the form and the scale of the painting were consciously chosen to draw the audience into the artist’s mindset. It serves as a reminder of how the mystical and the natural realm intermingle.

The healing of the viewer’s soul takes place in a positive and active way, affecting the mood similarly. As world citizens having gone through this tragic pandemic, we need this positive inspiration to remind us that hardships do not last forever. The purpose of Green-Yellow Effect is to give strength to a person and help them in their days of difficulties.

To soften the overall effect of the downward flowing lines, collage textures play out in the picture. They dress great confusion in great calmness and give objectivity to the whole event. This solemn calm mood, on the other hand, is disturbed by various spots of blue, which give an inward impression of warmth. Greens and yellows brighten this state of mind, giving it the edge of vitality.24-karat gold inspires ideas of wisdom, and truth.


Price: 5000$