Young Artist/ 7-10 y.o.


$200/4 lessons $320/8 lessons


100 min


About the Course

In our art studio, a child will not just learn academic painting. He will overcome psychological fear and any blocking of creative enthusiasm. The child will correctly perceive criticism and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Which are better, classic or non-traditional methods? In our art school, there is no such question. Let's try everything! Your child will learn to draw still lifes, landscapes, animals, and portraits in various techniques: pencil, watercolors, acrylic, gouache, pastels, tempera, charcoal, and wax crayons. Graphics are the easiest to learn, but this does not detract from its usefulness in allowing children to adjust to the pressure of a working tool. An important stage is the mixing of colors, reflecting the variety of shades of the surrounding world. A sensitive teacher will convey the subtleties of perspective and three-dimensional images. In addition, children really enjoy unusual tricks. These can include using creativity with prints, threads, sponges, spraying, and scratching. The main thing is freedom of expression!

With children, it is important to instil useful skills which can easily turn into serious achievements in the future. It is at this age that mental functions develop: from attention to imagination. Drawing for children aged 7-10 contributes greatly to the improvement of the cognitive processes. And these are not even all of the possibilities of teaching painting!

With the right approach, the advantages learning graphics and painting are huge:

  • calm, psychological relaxation;

  • improving memory and intelligence;

  • development of creative abilities;

  • the ability to express thoughts and feelings;

  • formation of independence;

  • improvement of fine motor skills;

  • improvement of spatial and compositional thinking;

  • increased self-esteem;

  • developing perseverance.

Course price:

$200/4 lessons*

$320/8 lessons

*For non-membership: $65 for one lesson

Membership one-time payment: $55 (to enjoy the lessons discount $50)

*If student is unable to attend a class, please inform us 24 hours in advance and we will able to replace the class within 2 month from the date of the payment.

*All materials are included

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