Little Artists/ 4-6 y. o.


$200/4 lessons $320/8 lessons


100 min


About the Course

In this class for little artists, children learn to draw, fantasize, and improvize. For children at 4-6 years old, learning happens through play. Our teacher for children of this age is an artist who teaches according to an academic program aimed at the harmonious development of the children's personalities. In the classes, there are musical breaks with snacks and tea, during which the children can relax and sing a song. The teacher also will show the children books on painting so that they can get acquainted with masterpieces of art. In the classroom, the children draw with water-colours, pastels, sculpt, create collages, sing, and create thematic art.

Class content:

  • The teacher gives simple tasks that develop drawings, painting, compositions.

  • Controls the progress of tasks, corrects, warns.

  • The teacher deals with each individually, so you can choose a course throughout the year.


  • No experience needed

  • All materials included

Course price:

$200/4 lessons*

$320/8 lessons

*For non membership : $65 one lesson

Membership one time payment: $55 ( to enjoy the lessons discount)

*If student unable to attend the class, please inform as in 24 hours in advance and we will able to replace the class within 2 month from the date of the payment.

*All materials are included


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