Children Art school

We know how hard it is to find an art school where young creators will be comfortable, cheerful, and most importantly, where they will learn an academic art program. With this in mind, in our school, we have created all of the conditions for the creativity of small artists.

The tasks in the program are arranged according to the principle of increasing complexity. These include exercises aimed at developing creative thinking and visual memory. Tasks introduce students to various materials: watercolours, gouache, pastels, ink, pencils, and markers. We aim to provide a pleasurable experience, and to save you time and effort, so we prepare all of the materials ourselves and include them in the price.

Our art school has favourable conditions for the creative and personal development of our students and teachers. The school prepares children to compete in city competitions for creativity. Students take part

in exhibitions and competitions, and in professional competitions of various levels.

Important details: 


Age: 4-16 years

Mini-groups up to 8 people

Subscriptions for 4-8 lessons

Subscription validity period: 2 months

The curriculum at the art school is designed for 4 years of study.

Classes are held twice a week according to a set schedule.

The children comprehensively study drawing (drawing, painting, composition) with additional disciplines: art history, modelling, arts and crafts.

The program also includes master classes: painting, drawing, water-colours, painting, and others.

We offer an individual approach for each student.

Convenient schedule.

100 min class with a 10 min break.

All materials included.

Trial lesson for $50 or free with the purchase of a subscription

For a student with a subscription, the day of the week and the time of visiting the studio are assigned.

You can join the group at any time during the school year.

A missed lesson without warning is considered completed (please provide notice at least 24 hours in advance).

One year academic art program

Young Artist/ 7-10 y.o.

Drawing for children aged 7-10 greatly contributes to the improvement of cognitive processes. And this is not the only advantage of learning painting!

$200/4 lessons $320/8 lessons

100 min

Free style painting from 9 y.o

$200- 4 lessons

Academic art class 10-16 y.o.

$208-4 lessons $406-8 lessons

100 min

One year program 1 time per week

Little Artists/ 4-6 y. o.

Our teacher in the group of children 4-6 years is artist, she teaches children according to the academic program , it is aimed at the harmonious development of the child's personality.

$200/4 lessons $320/8 lessons

100 min