Artist statement

Natalia Denisko’s (b. 1988) art practice centres around the psychology of colour. With reference to how Monet utilized implicit knowledge of the way our brain processes brightness and colour to imprint the illusion of the sun’s motion in Impression Sunrise (1872), Denisko is interested in the exploration of hue as a determinant of behaviour and emotions. This is highly informed by her interest in revealing her private life with others through painting to enable viewers to embrace her feelings while encouraging others to do the same as part of a performative interpretation. Utilizing a myriad of acrylic paint and watercolour techniques, her abstractions aim to heal people by activating their unconscious selves through the engagement with the science behind expressive colours. This is in line with studies that prove that neural activities are stimulated when a viewer struggles to identify familiar forms in abstract art - rendering the work ‘powerful’. Collage is also implemented to materialize meaning between layers in paint to prompt certain responses from audiences. The process of layering in collage also avails Denisko to metaphorically capture her own imprints into the work. In encouraging viewers to investigate their own emotions as part of their private and intimate life through her works, Denisko employs her own vulnerability through techniques of spontaneity (abstraction) and sensuality (painting by hand and even kissing the artwork as part of her methodology). The Russian maestro of abstraction hopes to lower the social barriers towards honest conversations on emotions and privacy, encouraging us to understand and investigate ourselves through her art.